How to Withdraw Clickbank Earning to Payoneer Account

ClickBank and Payoneer have officially partnered up to provide you with a simple way to receive you affiliate earnings.  This partnership allows marketers to receive payment straight to their Payoneer account and withdraw funds at any time to their local bank account, in local currency OR to their Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard.

Follow these simple steps to connect your ClickBank account with Payoneer.

1)    Log into your ClickBank Account

2)    Select “Account Settings”  at the top of the page

3)    Scroll down to the “Payment Information” option and click “Edit”

4)    Once on the “Payment Information Editor” page:

  • Select the “Direct Deposit” option (you can also choose your preferred payment frequency at this time)
  • Select “United States” as your bank option
  • Enter your US Payment Service information, as shown on your Payoneer account

5)   Once you’ve entered your US Payment Service information, click the “Save Changes” button and you are ready to begin receiving payments!

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