How to link JazzCash Account to Payoneer

Finally, Jazzcash has announced that they are linking with Payoneer. This is Big news for Freelancing community of Pakistan, as now they can easily withdraw their amount at their fingertips through JazzCash App.

How to Create JazzCash Account?

  • Install Jazzcash Account app from Google Playstore.
  • Open the app and click on Signup
  • Even if you are using another network sim still you can create an account on Jazz cash.
  • Fill all the requirements.

it will take 2 days, almost to get your account active.

How to Link Payoneer Account With JazzCash

  • First of All Open the JazzCash App. ( Remember to update the app from Playstore).
  • Now you will see an icon of Payoneer on Jazzcash App.
  • Click on Payoneer account icon.
  • Now you will see a some instruction to link it with Payoneer.
  • Now click on Link Account.
  • It, will ask for Payoneer username and Password, Enter the username and Password of Payoneer account.
  • Now you will get a message that account has been Linked with Payoneer and you will be redirected to a screen where you can withdraw money as well.
  • As you can see now, your Payoneer balance will be shown in this app, and you can withdraw a minimum 1$ from it as well. just enter the amount and click on transfer.
  • In Yellow Box, you can also see the transfer rate.

Payoneer to JazzCash Freelance Payments Benefits:

  • Real-Time Transfers
  • Good Exchange Rate 154*
  • Minimum Withdrawal amount of $1
  • Receive Rs.2 Airtime on every dollar
  • 2 Free Cash Withdrawals per month using the JazzCash ATM Card.
Note: Payoneer charges a fee of 2% per withdrawal and limits apply.

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