As we all know paypal is not officially available in pakistan and it is the most commonly used for sending and receiving payments through out the world for bloggers and freelancers.

Things needed for creating Verified PayPal Account in Pakistan

 1 #  We need a Valid USA Address to get started.You can get a fake usa address here.

2 #  Now you need a US IP address. You can use Install Zen Mate Chrome Extension or hotspost shield to get US location.

3 # A verfied payoneer account.If you don’t have a payoneer account.Follow below article to get a free payoneer account with $25 Bonus.

How to create free payoneer account

Method for creating Verified PayPal Account in Pakistan

Step #1 Apply for PayPal Account

Go to and create an account. Enter your name and all the necessary fields.Enter your real name same as payoneer account.IN address field you can use any fake usa address.Provide all necessary details and your paypal account will be created.

Now you would be taken to the PayPal main menu/dashboard. You would notice that in the status bar it mentions that the account is ‘Unverified’.

Step 2 .Apply for US Payment Service

Us payment Service is a service by Payoneer where by they allow their card holders to get a portion of their US Bank Account.

Basically, to get the PayPal account and get it verified, you require a US bank account. As you dont have that obviously, you would get that via Payoneer US Payment Service.

Once, you’re approved as a card holder, you would get an email to apply for US Payment Service if you’re interested in receiving money from Companies like PayPal, Amazon etc.

You would simply have to fill in a question are that would require you to answer some simple questions.

Once done, you would submit that form and wait for another 3-4 days. You would than again get an email that your US Payment Service is approved. Your US Bank account details would be emailed to you. ( virtual bank account details).

Payoneer Bank Account Details

On your accoutn dashboard click on recieve.You Bank details will be shown as in the below image.

globalpaymentservice payoneer

Step 3 # Add Bank account to Paypal

Login in to your paypal unverified account again and add Bank Account No. to get verified paypal account.In bank Account you need to add Bank name, Account number and routing number same as payoneer.

When you will add USA Virtual Bank Account details in your PayPal account then two (02) very small deposits will be sent to your Payoneer account by Paypal which will be shown after 2 to 3 working days.

When you received deposits sent by paypal and then again login your paypal account and put same amount which you received on Payoneer account and your paypal account will be verified automatically.

All done! enjoy verified paypal account in pakistan for free, please share this article as much as you can help other bloggers and freelancers to get verified paypal for free.

If you have any question you can mention in comment.

Thank You!


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