How to change country in Google Adsense

Google AdSense allows you to embed advertising in your website. All Google ads are tailored to the content of the website, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the advertising.

In order to change our country.

1. Sign in to your Google AdSense account.
2. Click the “Home” tab and navigate to the “Account settings” page.
3. Click on the “Account information” link to open the Account Information dialog.
4. Click the “Change Country” link and select a new country.

Can’t change country in Google Adsense

IN some cases you can’t change your country, The reason is because countries have different currencies, different tax authorities, and different agreements with Google.  If you earn money in one country (or while your account is registered there, which means you are claiming to live there or at least be a legal resident of that country) then you have to be paid the money in that country, in the relevant currency.

You will have to go through the official cancellation process, and then apply for a new account in your new country, using a different email address.
If you cannot cancel your account because you have not verified your address with the PIN, you’ll have to find someone in that country who can receive the PIN on your behalf.

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